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  • Singing bowl

    Tibetan bowl, crystal bowl, Taoist bowl... musical instruments for meditation, yoga, relaxation . The Tibetan, Indian, or Nepalese singing bowls selected by Djoliba meet the sound quality criteria required for good musical and vibrational practices. Ordering or buying a singing bowl from Djoliba is the guarantee of the best quality/price ratio.

  • Indian anklet

    Indian Bell Bracelets for dance or musical sound effects. With or without a cushion, the anklets with bells offered here come directly from India. Called ghunghuru or ghungharu, it is a bronze anklet-bracelet. They are assembled by 15, 30, 50, even 60, on a string or on a leather support. These anklets are worn by dancers in India. A true musical instrument with a highly evolved technique, they resonate to the rhythm of footsteps.

  • Ceremonial Bell

    Djoliba offers bells from India or Nepal. Small bell for high pitch, medium and large bells for lower tones. They can be shaken or hit with a wooden bat.

    Wooden percussion played using hard mallets, the balafon is generally made up of 8 to 30 blades, depending on the model. This traditional African xylophone is composed of a support (frame) in wood or bamboo on which are arranged and fixed wooden blades above gourds serving as a sound box. The Balafon is often tuned in a pentatonic or heptatonic scale, but its evolution and adaptations in certain musical contexts lead manufacturers to create new scales. All the Balafons sold by Djoliba are quality musical instruments, selected by our team from renowned craftsmen such as the house "Baragnouma".
  • Dholak

    Indian Double Skin Percussion. It is a small drum (membranophone with two skins). it is often made of tun or mango wood. The skins are kept stuck by iron hoops which themselves are stretched by ropes which surround the instrument by connecting them to each other. There is no black dot like on other Indian percussions like the tabla. Popular percussion found in North India.

  • Flute

    Djoliba offers a wide choice of flutes. Also called Bansouri. Made of Bamboo. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the availability of the notes you want.

  • Little bell

    We offer various sizes of Indian bells. More choices in store. Do not hesitate to call us for more information.

  • Jew-harp

    We offer jew's harps from the H'Mong ethnic group found in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and even as far as Guyana! We also offer Jew's harps from Rajasthan or Nepal.

  • Khol

    The Khol is a classic percussion from Bangladesh, from the same family as the Indian percussions Dholak, Mridangam or even the Pakhâwaj. Made of terracotta (therefore a little fragile), it offers a powerful sound, allows many effects, in particular the glissando (same as on the Bayan). The Khol also accompanies Bhajan and Kirtan religious songs, and it is also played by the Bâuls (a sort of troubadour, poet).

  • Tablas

    Compose of a pair of barrels, a small one in wood and a larger one generally in metal, which is called dayan and bayan. Very popular instrument in India (from the north its origin) and the best known Indian percussion in the West, thanks to musicians like Zakir Hussain or Trilok Gurtu. The tabla is used solo, as well as as an accompaniment in Hindustani classical music (Khayal of North India and Pakistan), Kathak (classical dance of Uttar Pradesh), in Afghan classical music and almost in all forms of popular music in these regions of northern India. Its origin dates back to the 13th century. One of the stories tells us that one day an outraged musician dropped his pakawaj (two-sided cylindrical drum) on the ground. The instrument broke in two, giving rise to the idea of ??the tabla. We offer study, mid-range and high-end models according to your wishes. Do not hesitate to call us to know the availability on these instruments because the arrivals are random.

  • Gong

    Djoliba vous propose un large choix de gong faits à la main en provenance : d'Allemagne avec Paiste et Gongland, de Chine pour les Wind gong, gong chao,d'opéra,tigre,etc..etc.., de Bali, du Vietnam, de Thailande. Possibilité de les tester dans notre magasin à Toulouse ouvert toute l'année.

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