• Music instruments and intuitive percussions

    Music instruments and intuitive percussions

    DJOLIBA, specialiste in intuitive percussions, relaxation, music therapy and world music instruments since 20 years, offers you a un large panel of music instruments from several ethnical origins : djembe, conga, kalimba, balafon, surdo, tamborim, pandeiro, gong, jew's harp, tablas, cajon, didgeridoo and also innovative percussions like Spacedrum®, Zenko® or sansula...

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  • Music Instrument Accessoires

    Music Instrument Accessoires

    Find out bags, straps, drumheads, sticks... All you need to complete, carry and play your instrument!

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  • Library


    Books, DVD, CD, pedagocial methods, miscellaneous... Lean and improve your musical practice.

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Specialist in Percussion Instruments, Lutherie, Handpan, Accessories, Music Store.

Quality musical instruments adapted to amateur musicians, beginner musicians, professional musicians, facilitators, music therapists, teachers, associations, conservatories.

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N° 1 FRENCH SALESIn World Music Instruments
ACROSS THE PLANETsearching unique, rare instruments
ALL TYPES OF INSTRUMENTSTraditional, innovative, precursor
LEADER IN FRANCEIn the trading of instruments from all over the world
3 000+ REFERENCESInstruments, accessories, educational materials
PROFESSIONALISMQuality, originality, service, advice