Music Lab Djoliba Percussions


concept presentation

A whole new concept created within the music store Djoliba in Toulouse, the Music Lab is an unique educational space, a place of discovery, exchange and exploration at the service of all musical practices.

A real laboratory for vibratory experiments, its mission is to facilitate access to musical practices dedicated to sound therapies (personal development, relaxation, music therapy, etc.).

Djoliba Music Lab has an unprecedented and innovative instrumentarium with remarkable originality and diversity. It allows everyone to discover and try specific instruments, through a simple visit at our music store, such as through dedicated workshops and / or specific courses in music therapy.

Our selection of instruments is based on twenty years of experience and on a collaboration with four instrument manufacturers who share our philosophy. Djoliba Music Lab thus becomes the only informative space in France presenting in particular METAL SOUNDS® handpans and steel tongue drums, a selection of the FEELTONE® articles, the TITANIUMSOUND® Ludophones collection and the gongs of the legendary PAISTE® with the official label "Authorized Gong Center".

Djoliba Music Lab of Djoliba: Your space dedicated to the exploration of sounds, the energy of vibrations!


Workshops / Masterclasses of Djoliba Music Lab : Concept and program