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Europe has many traditional percussion instruments, as well as artisans developing innovative musical instruments Djoliba Percussions & Lutherie's mission is to introduce you to the best brands of high quality musical instruments. Discover the cajon, wooden drums, tongue drum (Zenko®), frame drums, handpan (Spacedrum®), accessories for sound eff...

Europe has many traditional percussion instruments, as well as artisans developing innovative musical instruments Djoliba Percussions & Lutherie's mission is to introduce you to the best brands of high quality musical instruments. Discover the cajon, wooden drums, tongue drum (Zenko®), frame drums, handpan (Spacedrum®), accessories for sound effects and sound effects, tambourines, woodblocks, noisemakers, shakers, …. In addition to professional percussion instruments, Djoliba also offers instruments for children, specially adapted for learning music and musical awakening. The musical instruments in our online store are all of high quality and whatever the price and the origin, all the instruments are checked before being sent to your home. Whether for traditional music, classical music and contemporary or current music (rock, folk, pop, etc.), find many instruments for drummers and percussionists.



  • Cajon

    Need a cajón? The Djoliba Percussions & Lutherie team invites you to discover a range of good quality cajons. A cajón to complete your drum set? Whatever the price of the cajón, each instrument benefits from special attention from its manufacture to its delivery, whether it is intended for a beginner or an experienced musician. To enable you to meet your specific needs according to your set of percussion or your musical style, Djoliba presents different models of instruments, from the traditional cajón to ingenious innovations. Discover in particular the Cajón kit, the Cajudoo, the Bongo-cajón or the bass Cajón, but also the learning methods to start and develop your cajón playing. Do not hesitate to contact us for the purchase of your percussion or if you are looking for handcrafted cajón models (some limited pieces are sometimes available in our music store in Toulouse). A bit of history Invented in Peru in the 18th century, the cajón is a musical instrument from the percussion family. Appeared in the flamenco musical style in the seventies thanks to a percussionist from the group of the famous guitarist Paco de Lucia, the cajón has known a particular craze since that time. Simple in appearance, the cajón is a versatile instrument that adapts to many musical styles. Its striking table and its sound box allow many effects, sometimes embellished by a drum tone or bells. The great adaptability of this percussion allows it to be integrated as much into a set for acoustic, traditional, jazz, contemporary music, as in an educational use to work on rhythm.

  • Cajudoo

    The cajudoo is an innovative percussion instrument combining two percussions, the udu and the cajon striking table. Handmade by an independent German craftsman, the cajudoo offers remarkable sound characteristics with a wide sound spectrum and numerous possibilities of playing techniques, combining both the striking techniques of the darbouka, the zarb/tombak, the cajon , or tables. Discover different sizes of cajudoo and take advantage of regular promotions on musical instruments on our online sales site to make good deals.

  • Castanet

    Castanets are usually made of hardwood and made in two shells surmounted by an "oreja" (ear), pierced, depending on the model, with two or three holes, linked together by a cord, the hollow faces of which collide. The models we present are mainly made in Spain. Several qualities offered. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Sounds effects

    Are you looking for instruments to create sound effects and sound effects? The Djoliba Percussions & Lutherie team presents you with different instruments to discover according to arrivals and good deals. Find rain sticks, rattles, resonant tubes/tubular bells (Vibratone), bells, kazoos or chimes. The Sound Effects and Sound Effects category offers you the possibility of finding atypical musical instruments and innovations for everyone musical styles and all activities requiring the creation of sound effects and sound effects (educational animations, musical awakening, musical rhymes, film music, etc.). All the musical instruments available are intended for beginners as well as professionals and curious music lovers. The majority of instruments are also suitable for children for play activities and musical and sensory awakening. These sound effects and sound effects instruments will perfectly complement the instruments available in the Music Therapy & Relaxation and Djolimômes categories. Do not hesitate to contact us if the instrument you are looking for is not yet available on our site.

  • Wind instruments

    Slide flute, Xaphoon, Clariphone, Chalumeau, Doudouk, Quena, Kaval, Ney, Discover here wind musical instruments from different musical cultures in Europe, or other types of flutes from Latin America, for example. Our online sales site offers professional instruments intended for beginner musicians, professional musicians, pedagogues or lovers of traditional musical instruments from around the world.

  • Handpan

    Djoliba was in the first stores to discover the handpan in the early 2000s. We worked for several years with Panart to offer the Hang (from 2001), their creation. We then opened up to other creations and have been collaborating with Metalsounds since 2008 for their spacedrum and their Nitro, but with many other craftsmen in France, Spain, Croatia, Germany, England, etc.... In the Handpan category, find instruments and accessories (handpan bag, flight case, etc.) adapted to your needs and innovations. Developed and produced in France, Spacedrum® and Nitro are available in several sizes and ranges, with the possibility of creating other tailor-made ranges. Acoustic power and sound quality... The Metalsounds handpan is a melodic metal percussion designed by Metal Sounds, intended as much for beginner musicians as for professionals and curious music lovers, this percussion is also very popular for musical awakening workshops and the music therapy. Handpan "made in France", the Spacedrum® benefits from particular attention from its design to its manufacture, which makes it a unique and rare instrument. SAS Metal Sounds has a modern workshop to offer high quality handpans, constantly evolving to create ever more harmonious and resistant instruments. The result of ongoing research, the Spacedrum® is available on our online sales site. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about the special conditions of purchase and delivery related to this emblematic percussion. Whether it is for the purchase of a new handpan or a used handpan, our team can help you find the instrument of your dreams in the best conditions.


  • Log Drum

    The log drum or wooden drum offered by Djoliba is a quality musical instrument for all levels of practice musical, whether you are beginners or experienced musicians. Find traditional and modern musical instruments and rare traditional violin instruments in our online store of traditional and modern music. The log drums offered by Djoliba are flawlessly accurate. Neat finishes. Can be used as much in an awakening workshop with children as in music therapy or for your musical creations. Several choices of scales, number of notes.

  • Ludophones™

    Need to take a sound journey? Are you looking for atypical, ingenious and perfect instruments for working in schools, hospitals, retirement homes? Amazing instruments, suitable for all audiences, Ludophones are perfect for developing creativity, learning, knowledge and the pleasure of producing sounds.Ludophones™ manufactured by the French brand TitaniumSound allow a non-stereotyped opening to the world of sound. Based on accessibility, altruism and pleasure, these sound modules are original and attractive, offering total freedom of play. To enable you to meet your specific needs, the Ludophone sound modules created by will be perfect allies. Ludophones™ are the basis of collective musical practices carried out in the direction of musical education, National Education, specialized and hospital environments and the associative world. In addition, no lead paint, bisphenol A, phthalates or zinc are used in their design, which gives them a major advantage for healthy musical practice and without prior technique for everyone. TitaniumSound™ instruments meet health, hygiene and safety standards. In addition, thanks to their robustness, they are easy to maintain, store and transport. Djoliba percussions & lutherie offers you a wide choice of quality musical instruments from around the world and for all levels of musical practice. Whether you are a beginner or experienced musician, music therapist or curious, find traditional and modern instruments in our music store.

  • Melodica

    The melodica is a wind musical instrument, sometimes called melodion, pianica or clavietta, it is similar to the functioning and sound like a harmonica, but the melodica has a piano-like keyboard. Present in many musical styles such as Reggae, the melodica is a musical instrument intended for both beginners and semi-professionals who want a practical and versatile wind instrument.

  • Vibraphone

    Are you looking for a metallophone like the Glockenspiel or Wah Wah Tube? Find the whole range of percussion metallophones on the online music store Although a metallophone is a type of instrument with metal blades, which is similar to keyboard percussion such as the vibraphone (or certain Gamelan instruments), the Metallophone category presents instruments from this same family (idiophones), derivatives and innovations according to arrivals. The price of a metallophone varies, depending on whether you want a professional instrument or rather intended for musical awakening. However, you can take advantage of regular promotions to get great deals on quality musical instruments. Instrument very present in the active musical pedagogy like that of Orff-Schulwerk, the metallophone is also an instrument present in the sets of symphonic percussion instruments, and very appreciated for the musical arrangements as much in the song as the pop or the jazz.

  • Monochord

    The monochord is a stringed instrument offered in various sizes, shapes, number of strings Ideal for workshops with children , for music therapy, sound therapy or to accompany singing.

  • Shaker

    We offer one of the widest choices in France in shaker; in wood or metal, plastic, wicker, etc... Cylindrical, rectangular shapes, etc... There is something for all styles and all hands! do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to come and visit us to test them!

  • Table tubes

    This table made of metal tube with an incredible reason will be perfect for your workshops or musical creations. Other models available in store, do not hesitate to contact us for more information at: 0561623121

  • Framedrum

    In Djoliba, the frame drum or shamanic drums is one of our little darlings! we have a wide selection of frame drums, daff, dof, bendir, etc... Even more choices at the store! Several possible diameters and depths, adjustable in natural or synthetic skin. We surely have the one you are looking for! do not hesitate to contact us at 0561623121.

  • Tambourine

    Large selection of tambourines from various origins such as the pandeiro, tambourine de basque, riq/riqq, pandeireta, tanburello, etc. ... One of the largest choices of pandeiro in France. Luthier models available in store.

  • Tongue Drum

    Buying a tongue drum is a good way to discover an original musical instrument that will enhance your set of percussion and other musical instruments. Usable in many musical contexts, each tongue drum has its own specificity and quality. Small cousin of the Handpan (Hang, Spacedrum, Caisa, etc.), the tongue drum can be a great alternative or a complement to your handpan or steeldrum set. Whether for sound effects based on tongue drums, contemporary or traditional musical arrangements, you can get a wooden tongue drum from our online music store - discover the Log Drum category - or a metal tongue drum, such as the Zenko, the Hapi Drum, the Garrahand, or the Klangauge. Although it is possible to make a 'homemade' tongue drum, as budding instrument makers regularly show, each tongue drum sold on benefits from special care until its delivery and is intended for as much for professionals, music therapists, as for sound researchers, novice and curious musicians.

  • Wah-wah tube

    Wah-wah tube is an instrument with incredible reason. Can be used to create atmospheres during contemporary musical creations for example; Increasingly used in music therapy and sound therapy. Matched sets allow multiple use. Possibility of customizing specific ranges or various frequencies such as 432hz. Do not hesitate to call us for this.

  • Woodblock

    We offer you various woodblock from various brands. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more details on what we have in stock on these items. Depending on our arrivals we sometimes have nice surprises!

  • instruments à cordes

    Nous proposons divers instruments à cordes du monde, comme : Ukulélé, cavaquinho, oud (Turquie/Syrie/Egypte), mandole alégérienne, tres, charango (selon arrivage), kora (sur commande, sur mesure), kameln'goni (sur commande et sur mesure), djeli goni (selon arrivage), gembri,etc...

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