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  • Bendir

    The bendir, bendayer or alloun is a percussion instrument very widespread in North Africa (especially in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco), very present in Berber music. It is a frame drum quite similar to the daf found in Asia, being part of the membranophones. Popular instruments, mounted on a lightweight frame with rather thin goatskin stretched over it. Casings are attached to the frame so as to have a skin sound with a "timbre", like on a snare drum.

  • Daff

    The daf, also called def, duff, deff, defi, defli or dap, is a large frame drum of the Persian tradition used (like the zarb) to accompany Iranian music, but which is also widespread (without its rings) from the Middle East, notably in Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan to Siberia via Central Asia. We offer Iranian dafs like Turkish daf/bendir (no ring) in different sizes and depths. Contact us because many more choices in store.

  • Darbuka

    The darbouka or derbouka, is a percussion instrument that is part of the membranophones. According to its variants, it is a vase strangled in the middle and covered at one of its ends with a membrane (fish skin, goat skin also). Today we find these cast iron instruments fitted with a plastic skin. Widespread throughout North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. It dates from 1100 BC. J.-C. and it is one of the main percussion instruments of the Arab-Muslim world. It is related to the Persian zarb (also called tombak) of which ceramic versions still exist.We offer a wide variety of darbouka/darbouka in store. Sometimes luthier models. Do not hesitate to call us for more information.

  • Karkabou (Qraqebs)

    The qraqeb, qraqesh, krakeb, karkabous, qarqabous are Maghrebian idiophone percussion instruments. It is a kind of castanets used by the Gnaouas, quite similar to the old rattlesnakes. We offer 3 sizes. Origin: Marakkech (Morocco).

  • Riqq and tar

    The riqq, riq or rekk is a classical percussion musical instrument that has been widespread in the Middle East since ancient times, but which has only been known by this name for a century. It is a tambourine about 20 cm in diameter, in fish skin, sometimes goatskin, with a frame often set with mother-of-pearl and equipped with a double row of cymbals (10 in all). There are also natural wood with a synthetic skin and a screw tension system. We offer various models, from study to high-end. Contact us if you need more information.

  • Finger cymbal

    Sagattes, sagates (word of Arabic origin) or zil (Turkish origin) or cymbalettes finger cymbals are a percussion instrument consisting of two pairs of small cymbals placed on the fingers (thumbs and middle fingers of each hand). You need two pairs of sagattes to play it. They are widely used in music and oriental dance in Egypt and Turkey. The dancers and dancers of the Roman Empire already played sagattes. The sagattes are used to accompany oriental musical formations or oriental dance steps. The sagattes are played by women (dancers) for example in the Baladi style, but also by men (dervish dancers). Some Egyptian musicians play sagattes in traditional orchestras and sagattes can also be heard in modern popular music such as shaabi. Djoliba offers you various qualities, from study to pro. You will surely find sagattes at your fingertips!

  • Tbila

    Kind of Moroccan terracotta bongo traditionally mounted with camel skin whose thickness guarantees a long life expectancy. Instrument that can be played with drumsticks. Matches by heating the skin if necessary. The proposed model is specifically made for musicians with tight braiding to ensure regular tension and skin hold. The advantage of this tight braiding is that it also protects the instrument from shocks (a minimum). 3 sizes are available.

  • Gnawa Drum

    The Gnawa drum, "Tbel" or "Tbal" is a large double goatskin drum that is struck with curved sticks. It is a ceremonial drum mainly used during Gnawa (Lilac) rituals.

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