Concerned about the utmost transparency, the Djoliba team is committed to ensuring the highest level of protection for your personal data in accordance with the European and French regulations that apply to it in terms of personal data protection.

For any information on the protection of personal data, you can also consult the website of the Commission Informatique et Liberté www.cnil.fr.

You will find on this page detailed information about the processing of your personal data and your rights in this area.

  • Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data?

The controller is the company that defines for what purpose and how your personal data is used. The personal data collected on the website of Djoliba, or during your orders in store are processed jointly by: Djoliba – 18 Bis BD Riquet – 31000 TOULOUSE. Hereinafter referred to together « Djoliba ».

  • Why Djoliba collects my personal data?

Djoliba uses your personal data mainly for the following purposes:

  • Order Management and Customer Relationship

We need the information that concerns you for the management of your orders and the consequences thereof (for example deliveries, invoices, accounting and in particular the management of the accounts receivables, the follow-up of the customer relation such as the conducting satisfaction surveys, claims and after-sales service management, selecting clients to carry out studies, surveys and product tests.

  • Payment of your orders

When you pay on our sites, your payments are secured. Djoliba   does not collect your payment data but only a payment identifier and the first 4 and last 2 digits of your card to allow you to recognize the card that was used for payment. All of your bank details are collected only by ourSIPS certified payment service provider which guarantees the security of payments.The card used for payment is kept for the time necessary for the transaction and for a period of 15 months from the payment to guarantee the proof of the transaction.

  • The customization of our services and the messages we send you

The data about you allows us to improve and personalize the services we offer and the communications we send you. For example: we can send you personalized e-mails or recommend products similar to those you have already purchased or consulted and which correspond to your interests.

  • Fight against fraud

The personal data collected on the site are also processed to secure payments and deliveries and thus ensure you an optimal quality of service. Djoliba determines the level of fraud risk associated with each order. As part of this analysis, Djoliba is likely to question its specialized risk prevention providers to refine its analysis. Some of these providers can be returned to the result of the analysis and can use it on their behalf to feed their own incident file.

Djoliba may, depending on the results of the control carried out on the orders, take security measures, in particular request for additional proof or proposal of an alternative delivery method. These measures will have the effect of suspending the execution of the order or, if the result of the analysis does not guarantee the security of the order, to cancel it. The fraudulent use of a means of payment or a delivery fraud may result in the registration of data related to the order within the alert file of Djoliba, which may, in future orders, lead Djoliba to perform additional checks.

  • The security of our website

We collect certain browsing data to enable us to ensure the security of our services and to detect, avoid or trace any attempt of malicious or computer intrusion or any violation of the conditions of use of our Services.

  • Customer knowledge and statistics and performance of our website

We may use data to better understand our customers or for statistical purposes to analyze the activity of our site and improve the services we offer. We measure the audience, we measure for example the number of page views, the number of visits to the site, as well as the activity of visitors to the site and their frequency of return.


  • What kind of personal data is collected about me ?

What ?

We collect and process your surname, first name, address, email address, password, phone number, IP address, connection data and navigation data, order history, preferences and interests, products consulted, incidents of deliveries, claims. In some cases, we may collect location data, for example, to show you the nearest pick-up pointto your location.

The required or optional nature of the data is reported to you during collection by an asterisk. Some data is collected automatically because of your actions on the site, other information can be transmitted by partners.

When ?

We collect the information that you provide us, especially when:

  • you create your customer account onour website or in store
  • you place an order onour website or in store
  • you browse our website and applications and view products
  • you participate in a game or contest
  • you contact our Customer Service
  • you write a comment
  • you view our ads

What communications are I likely to receive?

- Information and newsletters

Following an order or as part of the follow-up of a contract you will receive an email to enable you to follow your order or the execution of your contract (order confirmation, information on the delivery of your package, information on the maturity of your subscription ...). These service messages are necessary for the proper execution of the orders and services you have requested. The receipt of this information is not related to the choices you would have expressed for the reception of newsletters and commercial offers.

  • Djoliba Newsletters

While creating your account, you will be able to choose to receive information and offers of Djoliba by electronic communication (email and social networks). These newsletters allow you to keep up to date with Djoliba news and benefits that you can benefit from on our site or in store. We measure the opening rate of our electronic mailings in order to adapt them to your needs.

- Product alerts

We can offer you alerts to be informed by e-mail of availability or interesting news to you. These alerts allow: :

- to be kept informed of the next availability of the product you are interested in.

- to have recurrent information on the news of an author, artist, music group ...

Registration for the alert is done by clicking on the "Alert" button. The alerts you are registered for are listed in your Account.

On what legal basis and for how long are my personal data processed?

The processing of your personal data is justified by different bases (legal basis) depending on the use we make of personal data. You will find below the legal bases and durations of conservation that we apply to our main process.

Legal basis of the process

Among the applicable legal bases:

  • The contract: the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of the contract to which you have agreed..
  • Consent: you accept the processing of your personal data by express consent (checkbox, click ....). You can withdraw this consent at any time via the contact form of the website du site
  • Legitimate interest: Djoliba has a business interest in processing your data that is justified, balanced and does not undermine your privacy. With exception, you can at any time oppose a treatment based on the legitimate interest by signaling it via the contact form of the website
  • The law:the processing of your personal data is made mandatory by law.

Shelf life

Most of the data (eg your customer account information and order history are kept as long as you are an "active" customer and for a period of 5 years from your last activity (eg purchase, login to your account or the expiration of a contract or a guarantee.Your data are then archived with restricted access for an additional duration for limited reasons and authorized by the law (payment, guarantee, disputes ...). deleted.

Who are the Recipients of my data?

Data transmission to subcontractors

The data that we collect can be transmitted to the providers (subcontractors) - to which Djoliba uses for the realization of its services for the purposes mentioned above for example for the management, the execution, the treatment, the payment of your orders, as well as for marketing operations.

How to express my choices about the use of my data?

We are actively working to improve our Choice Manager available in your account to help you better control the use of your data.

You may at any time withdraw your consent or object to the use of your data described above:

- when creating your account via the boxes or dedicated opposition links when creating an account

- then at any time

  • O via the contact formof the website
  • By e-mail to commandes@djoliba.com

If you proceed by email or mail

It is necessary to indicate us your name, first name, e-mail and address and mentioning the reason of your request and / or the right which you wish to apply.

In order to allow us to understand your request, you will be able to specify one or more of the following reasons in the subject of your email: :

- To stop commercial surveys:

« Stop e-mail Djoliba »

« Stop e-mail Djoliba's Parteners»

- To stop the sharing of data for customer knowledge purposes:

« Stop sharing Djoliba»

- To stop advertising targeting :

« Stop sharing with third parties for targeted advertising »

You can also manage your cookies by going to the cokkie manager on the cookies information page or on the following websites :



- To delete your customer account :

« Delete my account »

What are my rights regarding the use of personal data?

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, you can exercise your rights (access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation and portability if necessary) and define the fate of your personal data "post mortem" Djoliba by e-mail : commandes@djoliba.com or by mail: DJOLIBA – 2 IMPASSE D’OCCITANIE – ZA PIOSSANE II - 31590 VERFEIL FRANCE

In order to allow us to answer quickly, we thank you to indicate us your name, first name, e-mail, address and if possible your customer reference. Some requests to exercise your rights (right of access) must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature to verify your identity and specify the address to which you must receive the response. An answer will be sent to you within 1 month of receiving the request.

At any time during the risk analysis conducted by Djoliba in the contexte of fraud prevention, you will be able to present your observations.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Computing and Freedoms (CNIL), in particular on its website www.cnil.fr.

Is my data being transferred outside of E.U.?

You are informed that data concerning you may be transmitted for the purposes mentioned above to companies located in countries outside the European Union that have a lower level of data protection than in the European Union. Prior to the transfer outside the European Union,Djolibawill take all necessary measures and guarantees to secure such transfers.

We would like to assure you that under no circumstances will your personal data be sold to specialized organizations, survey companies or other companies. 

What about the personal data of minors?

Djoliba's services are not intended for Minors. As aresult Djoliba does not deal with data specifically concerning minors. For example, we do not create a marketing profile related to minors. It is up to the parents and any person exercising parental authority to decide whether their minor child is allowed to use Djoliba's services.

What use of data related to Social Networks?

The use of social networks and services or applications of Djoliba in connection with these social networks is likely to lead to the collection and exchange of certain data between social networks and Djoliba. We invite you to consult the policies of personal data protection of social networks in order to take precise knowledge of the information which is collected by the social networks and which can be transmitted to Djoliba in connection with its sites and applications as well as the purposes of use of your data, especially for advertising purposes. You will be able to set directly on the social networks the access and the confidentiality of your data. Djoliba collects on its behalf certain information and personal data related to your activity on the pages of Djoliba social networks or Djoliba sites and applications that use the services of social networks. These data are used for advertising purposes to improve our commercial relationship and the advertising addressed to you in order to offer you a personalized and social experience. The information collected by Djoliba for its own account through applications, sites or Djoliba services in connection with social networks are governed by these conditions and the specific conditions of applications Djoliba.

On the other hand, Djoliba is not responsible for the use made of your data by the social networks for their own account.

« Plug-ins » and social modules

Our website uses "plug-ins" or social modules. These include small buttons "I like", "share" third-party social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + .... that you can find on our sites and applications. They allow you to like and share information from our sites and apps with your friends on social networks. When you visit a page of our sites Djoliba (web or mobile) containing plug-ins or social modules, a connection is established with the servers of social networks (Facebook, Twitter ...) who are then informed that you have accessed the corresponding page of the Djoliba site consulted, even if you do not have a Facebook or Twitter user account, and even if you are not connected to your Facebook or Twitter account. For example: If you are connected to a social network when you visit www.fnac.com, the social networks you are connected to may mention your visit to your account on social networks. If you use the plug-ins (ex: like), your actions can be recorded and published on your accounts in social networks according to the setting of your social network account. If you do not want social networks to post your actions from plug-ins to your social media accounts, you must sign out of your social networks before visiting our site.

  • What are cookies ?

The djoliba.com website uses cookies. These are small text files saved on your hard drive. The cookies used on our site allow us to offer you the following services: list of favorites, backup of the basket, identification during a new visit. Most cookies are intended to allow or facilitate your navigation and are necessary for the operation of our online store.

The use of certain cookies, own or third parties, not necessarily necessary for the operation of the site, requires express consent from you. You can express your consent or oppose the use of cookies by setting your connection device appropriately. For this, refer to the user guide of your browser.