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Spacedrum Evolution 8 notes + bag - 55 cm - C Major


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Here's the Spacedrum, melodic percussion in metal, inspired by the Hang©. It comes to complete this new instruments' family called "Handpans" (Bells, Halo...)

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Delivery time 6 - 8 weeks ( made on order )

1 325,00 € tax incl.

★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★
★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★

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8 notes Spacedrum is a melodic percussion in metal. It comes to complete the new instruments' family called "Handpans" (Hang©, Bells, Halo...)  and "Tongue Drums" composed by the Garrahand or the Hapi Drum for instance...

With its medium diameter and fluid shape, the 8 notes Spacedrum is very easy to handle and was designed to be suitable for most people (including children).

Thanks to a long research & development work in partnership with an engineering high school we’re happy to release the 4th generation Spacedrum, made out of a special stainless alloy. The properties of this special alloy are particularly adapted for the outdoor playing: totally rustproof, even in the extrem climates (see shores, tropics...), hard enough to keep the tuning for years (in normal conditions of use).

Added to that, the Spacedrum Evolution (4th gen) develops more sustain and more sound volume while respecting the Spacedrum original sound.

This instrument is fragile and needs to be protected when it's not played. Our bags are specially designed for a good protection of the Spacedrum.


The diatonic and pentatonic scales (major and minor) are often used in a pedagogical situations (music academies, schools, art therapy, early-learning activities...). They also suit to any type of artistic project.
You can play alone, or with someone else, with the instrument on your knees or on a stand. You can even turn it over and play with the sound-hole in a "Udu style".
The Spacedrum can be rubbed with the palm, beaten with sticks (specially designed) or simply touched by your fingers. It gives you a total freedom in terms of playing technique.

Scale: Pentatonic C maj. (Do majeur) --> Sol3 La3 Do4 Ré4 Mi4 Sol4 La4 Do5 (G3 43 C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 C5)

Technical settings:
Material: Steel
Diameter: 20.8 in
Dome hight: 4.4 in
Bottom hight: 3.5 in
Weight: 3.3 kg
Number of notes: 8

Damper: removable rubber joint that reduces harmonics and sustain...
Surface treatment: thermal

=> A reinforced bag and a pot of wax are included with your Spacedrum (thank you to specify the color of your bag when you order: Blue - Red wine - Brown)

DELIVERY TIME : 6 – 8 WEEKS (made to order)

Maintenance: wax (one pot is included with each Spacedrum). Stretch the wax on the external surface (top and bottom) once a month with a dry soft cloth. The frequency can be adjusted in regard of the playing conditions.

IMPORTANT: for the sales out of the European Union the price is tax free (1125 €). Be carefull, some importation taxes may be applied by the customs office at the delivery.

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    product conforms to the order arrived 10 days before the deadline :) (Translated review)

    Merchant's answer

    Hello Tanguy, the Djoliba team is happy that your order suits you and thanks you for your comment. See you soon!

  • 5

    I cannot provide a review of the instrument I purchased from Djoliba....The instrument in question is not available for several months! Please contact me again in 2018....However, the various contacts with this store were satisfactory enough for me to place an order. (Translated review)

  • 4

    I'm very happy... Only one regret: no advice on how to use it, just a few basics would be nice, in a little booklet? or a tutorial address on YouTube or on DVD? (well, I've found some since then...) Thanks in any case for respecting the deadline: 1 year has been a long time to wait, but it was not more than announced, bravo! (Translated review)

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