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Glass Bow for Euphone - Titanium Sound


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The glass bow is complementary to the sound modules manufactured by TitaniumSound. He produces aerial sounds. His mode of play is by friction. Sold by unit.

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★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★
★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★

The glass bow is complementary to the sound modules made by TitaniumSound. It produces aerial sounds. His mode of play is by friction.

The glass bow is characteristic of friction instruments such as the Brazilian Cuica.

It allows vibrating rods or plates to vibrate. Water serves as an interface between the bows and the fingers, just like rosin between the bow and the rope.

The masses being identical, it is not necessary to re-tunned it!

About Ludophones™

The Ludophones™ are sound modules made entirely in France by TitaniumSound ™. Designed after 20 years of experience thanks to a close collaboration with more than 1000 institutions, in association with composers, teachers, teachers, specialized educators. The Ludophones ™ are from the development of traditional, ancient and rare musical instruments. The Ludophones ™ are basically the collective musical practices conducted in the direction of music education, National Education, specialized and hospital environments and associations. In addition, no lead paint, nor bisphenol A, phthalates, or zinc are used in their conception, which gives them a major advantage for a healthy musical practice and without prior technical for all. All TitaniumSound ™ instruments comply with sanitary, hygiene and safety standards. Thanks to their robustness, they are easy to maintain, store and transport. Thus, the innovative craft of the TitaniumSound ™ educational instrumentarium meets the actual sound demands, educational and sanitary requirements. Each Ludophone™ is tuned to a natural harmonic mode. In addition, the materials used come from aeronautics (titanium, stainless steel, composite fibers). The TitaniumSound ™ instrumentarium is made of a collection of tuned instructional sound modules that create an incredible sound palette. Ludophones ™ are at the service of pedagogical principles to develop a culture of sound and music from musical awakening to practice through learning. Their immediate sound response to a sound gesture of a very imprecise nature is ideal in all contexts. Ludophones ™ are easy to play, inducing sound gestures, a richness and a variety of very large timbres. Finally, these sound modules are played digitally or with various strikers and bows. Coupled with a hemispherical resonator isolated from the ground by an anti-vibration system, the Ludophones ™ allow modes of play by percussion, friction and pinch.


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