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Set de 3 dununs - Wassoulou Percussions - Mali


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Set of 3 dununs: Dunun / Sangbang / Kenkeni made by Wassoulou percussions in Mali

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★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★
★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★

Set of 3 dununs: Dunun / Sangbang / Kenkeni made by Wassoulou percussions in Mali The dunun, also called "dum dum" or "dununba", is a percussion instrument with two skins created during the old Mandingo empire (Guinea, eastern Mali, western Burkina Faso, northern Côte d'Ivoire).

The dunun is one of the emblematic two-headed drums found in the musical cultures of West Africa. It generally accompanies other drums such as the djembe drum and African dances. Indispensable to create the particular polyrhythms of West Africa, the dunun is also played independently with bells (dunun bells). There is a family of 3 drums of which the dunun is the lowest of the three. Their name depends on their size. The "kenken" (kenkensereni, or kenkeni) is the high drum, the "sangban" is the medium drum, and the "dunun" (doundounba, dounounba or dununba) is the low drum.

WASSOULOU PERCUSSIONS TM instruments are made by Malian master craftsmen with the greatest respect for tradition. The wood is fed with shea butter and dried in the best conditions (drying in an oven for a period of 1 to 4 years depending on the references). The instruments are polished, waxed (with a mixture based on natural beeswax) or oiled (according to the requirements of our customers), this finish gives them an unalterable quality. All the percussions are mounted with skins (goat or cow) of first choice and stretched with a pre-stretched 100% polyester halyard rope (made in France). The WASSOULOU PERCUSSIONS TM label guarantees you traditional instruments of exceptional sound quality, the must of African “Lutherie”. Concerned about the environment, WASSOULOU PERCUSSIONS TM collaborates with the National Directorate of Water and Forests. Since 2001, the manufacturer has participated in reforestation campaigns initiated by the Ministry of the Environment. The Malian WASSOULOU PERCUSSIONS TM djembes are high-end instruments, the woods used for their production are the traditional Lingué (Afzélia Africana) but also the Dugura, Djala and Guéni.

Height60 cm
MatièreBois (Mahogoni)
DiamètreØ 40 cm


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