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Derbouka methode by Habib Yammine in French - book + CD + online video


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The universal method for darbouka: 80 pages method with CD + MP3 + Online videos, By Habib Yammine

A unique method for approaching the many techniques of the darbouka and the various Arab rhythms of the Middle East, Arabia and the Maghreb ...

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★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★
★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★

Derbouka method by Habib Yammine - Book + CD + video online

The French language

In summary :

Rhythm theory in Arabic music · Periodicity · The juz '(minimal rhythmic cell) · The first beat or reference beat · The darbouka, organology and history · General status of the instrument · Origin of the darbouka in the Arab world · The different names of the darbouka (tabla, dumbek or doumbek, derbakke…) · Basic strikes (Dum, Tak, Ka, Sak) · Blocking strikes and change of timbre ·

22 Lessons to progress quickly: 2-beat, 3-beat, 4-beats, 6/8 bars Binary and ternary divisions of time Accents Rolls of eighth notes Ras of the 4 fingers Slides

The 25 best-known rhythms of the Arab world: 2-beat rhythms (Ayyûb, Malfouf, Gubbâhî…) · 4-beat rhythms (Masmûdî saghîr, Maqsûm, Wahda…) · 3-beat rhythms (Samâ ° î dârij…) · Rhythms in 6/8 (Yuruk Samâ ° î, Berwâlî…) · 8-beat rhythms (Chobî, Masmûdî kabîr…) · Odd rhythms (Dawr hindî, Aqsâq ifranjî…) · 10-beat rhythms (Samâ ° î thaqîl, Jorjina) · 12-beat rhythms (Dal ° ûna, Haddâwî)


And audio and video internet links to illustrate all the rhythms of the method ...

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