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Professional Duduk - Armenian flute

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Standard duduk from Armenia or Turkey.
Apricot model comes with its
adapted double reed.

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60,00 € tax incl.


75,00 € tax incl.

★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★
★ Paiement 100% sécurisé ★

The duduk (duduk) is an instrument with a cylindrical bore and double reed. The body usually apricot wood usually has 10 holes. 8 holes on top and 2 on the lower side, one for the left thumb, the other hole being in agreement. However, this hole can be closed by bringing the body of the instrument musician, for a particularly low note.

The double reed called ghamish is made of a single piece of flat reed, split and ligated at the connection with the body of the instrument. The ring of regulation on the reed stabilizes the sound.

The reed is held between the lips of the musician which prevents it from being "free". Hence results a single vibrational mode and the range of the instrument is reduced to a twelfth.

Our duduk in apricot have a very soft and low sound. No other traditional oboe of this size has such a low range.
The models that we offer come with a double reed tested and adapted to each tone.

Different tones are available. Please contact us to know the availability of the note.

Indicative lenght without the reed:

E : 26 cm

D : 30 cm

C : 32 cm

B : 33,5 cm

Bb : 34 cm

A : 35,5 cm

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